Signature Market & Deli
Hoagie Trays
All trays available in a Wheat, Seeded or
 Unseeded roll

Tasting Tray: Feed 5-6 People
One of our Signature Hoagie Options
with one additional hoagie of your choice.

Assorted Tray: Feeds 8-10 People 
One of our Signature Hoagie Options,
and two additional hoagies of your choice.

Deluxe Tray: Feeds 12-14 People
Two of our Signature Hoagies options, and
two additional hoagies of your choice

Double Deluxe Tray: Feeds 18-20 People 
Three Signature Hoagies options and two
additional hoagies of your choice

Supreme Tray: Feeds 22-25 People
Three Signature Hoagie options and
Three additional hoagies

Vegetarian Tray: Feeds 8-10 People 
Veggie hoagie and a cheese hoagie with
side of roasted peppers.

Specialty Tray: Feeds 8-10 People 
Two Signature hoagie options
with side of roasted peppers and marinated olives

Land & Sea Tray: Feeds 8-10 People 
Chicken Salad and Tuna salad hoagies.

Italian Tray: Feeds 12-14 People 
Two Italian Hoagies and a Veggie Hoagie.
Signature Hoagie Options:
Italian Hoagie
Roast Beef Hoagie
Chicken Salad Hoagie
Tuna Salad Hoagie
Additional Hoagie Options:
Turkey & Cheese
Ham & Cheese

**Any hoagie can be substituted for a Signature
hoagie for a $2.00 up-charge**
Corporate Catering Menu Available Upon Request
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